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Nurture goals

Features of this department

The talent cultivation goal of this department is to cultivate mid-level talents with financial and tax knowledge and workplace ethics.

Through the curriculum design with "taxation" as the axis, it runs through accounting, financial management, law, information and other majors, supplemented by practical training with tax authorities and various enterprises, demonstrating pragmatism and feasibility. In response to the needs of the job market, the department regularly invites external experts and scholars to review and revise the curriculum benchmark table, curriculum map and learning path-career development map, focusing on the connection process of each discipline and the direction of career paths.

This department expects students to have six core competencies upon graduation:

Taxation and joint review professional knowledge management and application ability, financial professional knowledge and wealth management ability, financial information analysis and application ability, taxation professional knowledge and application ability, fiscal and taxation ethics and legal system development ability, international taxation and financial analysis ability.

Certificate counseling

Guide students to obtain taxation and accounting, financial and financial certificates, such as: accountants, tax declaration practices, ERP, BI, financial planners, trust business personnel, securities salespersons, personal insurance salespersons and other professional certificates.

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